Nullsec and the CSM: New Voting System, Same Results.

For the past couple of weeks I have been catching up on the CSM candidates, the new voting process, what the past CSM has done, and overall changes in the game. Needless to say, it was a huge amount of information to process given I was absent for over a year. I laughed. I cried. I pondered the lack of foresight and mental capacity of some of the players. (As I’m sure we all have at one time.)

One thing stood out to me most from all the changes, nothing has really changed when it comes to CSM elections. Nullsec will still get anyone and everyone they want on the council. Wormholers will probably get one person representing them maybe two. Low/high sec dwellers are screwed again without any real chance of getting a serious representative elected even though they are the majority of players due to their fractured nature.

I’ve listened to the candidate interviews/debates on podcast and read articles/post made by the candidates. The number of serious candidates who know what they are talking about isn’t that high once you dig a little beneath the surface. It is depressing really.

Then I listened to the Voices from the Void podcast that came out this morning or last night.  Dani did a good job moderating and asking questions no problems there. What got me a bit aggravated was the fact that Mike Azariah, to have a serious chance of getting on the CSM, has to get approval from the nullsec powerbloc and be included in the list they are “recommending” to their members. This reminded me of “The Godfather” and asking Vito Corleone for a favor and all that entails. It’s setting a bad precedence and giving the nullsec powerbloc even more power than they have a right too. And to make it worse, the nullsec powerbloc wouldn’t have even offered that if James315 was still running. They pretty much said so flat out. Anyone besides me see a problem with that whole situation?

None of this bodes well for the upcoming year if you live in highsec/lowsec. Sure nullsec might need the some of the industrial goods from highsec. They will even say that some areas of highsec improvements are a priority for them. But its the same priority a company owner would give his laborers work conditions in a third world country. He doesn’t respect them. He doesn’t care how they live. He doesn’t care if they are injured as long as the goods keep being made.

CSM 8 Pre-elections are NOW!

That’s right. Go put in your vote (one per account) to endorse your chosen candidate.

Here is the Link to the page:

Personally I voted for Mike A. and Roc W. Reason being I have been following these guys for years in their blogs and discussions. They both are what I think the CSM needs right now. Good luck guys.